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Understand African urban reality, grow with location intelligence

Terrax provides hyper-local and current insights about buildings, growth, businesses and income levels of major African urban areas.

Terrax Africa is the story of knowing the current reality on the ground - and acting wisely

We use AI and apply it to satellite images, business and real estate data to generate unique analytics, so you understand the reality of African urban metropolitan areas. On top, we build applications that let you make smart moves, increase your sales and identify market gaps.

Financial Institutions

Optimize your branch and ATM network and be present where there is most market to gather.


Identify the location patterns of your high performing sites and find new places and distributors with the same characteristics.


Setup cement depots where we predict future building growth to occur.

Public Sector

Get recent data to plan for major public investments and understand city development.


Predict sales potential per km² based on historical experience. Assess new markets quickly.


Discover areas with most potential for your products based on the location patterns and your past experience.

Confident decision-making with current and high resolution satellite imagery at its core

We aspire to show you the current reality and enable you to benefit from this unique know-how.

Working with customers to:


Map competitors

See where your competition is located.


Find new locations

Evaluate new locations that resemble the same patterns like existing successful ones.


Boost sales

Track sales potential versus actual sales and identify the gaps. Explore them.


Discover market opportunities

Find market gaps by identifying areas with low density of different business types.


Predict sales potential

Assess new potential territories quickly and in detail by leveraging your past experience. Predict sales potential per km².


Find new distributors

Search through a list of new potential distributors in high potential areas identified by your past experience and success location factors.