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We believe in fact-based decision making: combining satellite images and other data with artificial intelligence, we analyze African cities. We guide you to find flourishing business locations and support you with evidence for any key decision.

More than a Geo Information System

  • Business Expansion

  • Property Development

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Middle Class Discovery

Build a Presence in Africa - Access a Growing Middle Class

Businesses who aim at claiming authority are fast expanding into Africa. And with growth rates at an all-time high, building a presence early (right now) could create new business giants in 10 years!

Do you plan to expand? Let's show you business-magnet locations in African cities of your choice right now!

Helping Businesses Grow

Small and Medium Enterprises

Making management decisions without adequate information is hard enough. Your location should give you an unfair advantage to turn every decision into profit.

  • Find areas with high current and projected growth rates to situate your business

  • See current competitors within the same location BEFORE you decide to set up

  • Forecast running and setup costs based on average rent within the area

  • Find the area with high population density lacking businesses like yours
  • Consultants & Data Analysts

    Be perceived as THE EXPERT for experts when you have access to all the data you need to guide businesses to success.

  • Access to multiple dashboards

  • Access to data on infrastructure, growth rates, economic hot zones, and

  • Pro Status with Unlimited reports on any topic
  • Cities & Governement

    Experience rapid and constant development by knowing everything on the local and city level :

  • Plan urban areas

  • Augment locations experiencing low growth rates

  • Invest in primary infrastructure (e.g. hospitals) in areas lacking them

  • Learn from and mimic areas experiencing rapid growth
  • What Terrax Can Do For You

    90% Accurate Area Survey - Buildings, Growth zones, Social/Primary Infrastructure

    Trusted Location Suggestions - Real Estate, Firms, Malls, IT Centers

    80% Accurate Cost Analysis - Housing Rent, Estimated Building Costs

    90% Accurate Competitor Analysis - per km²

    Terrax Solutions

    Location Suggestion

    Using data on population density and the idea of business gaps, we will show you different areas that are READY for your business.

    Competitor analysis

    See other businesses you are up against, research their strategies, and come up with a better strategy to outclass and outsell EVERY ONE of them.

    Site Selection

    Spot areas with potential for development and invest before people start flooding in and things get expensive. Long-term investments that go for 10 times the price invested… in 5 years.

    lagos city analysis

    Cost Analysis

    We not only give you a summary on buildings but insight into possible financial burden for particular locations, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead… every time.

    Questions? Lock. Load. And Fire!

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    You are not us... we know that you have tons of questions. And you should not have to divulge personal info before you get answers. What can we help you with?