Map: city growth areas –

Map: city growth areas

Map: city growth areas

The Mapbox chart helps you cluster points on a map depending on the number of occurrences. Therefore, it is ideal to visualize which areas of a city have been growing how fast.

First step: select the Mapbox chart type and the [city]geoBuilding datasource

Select “Chart” by clicking on the New button. In the next step, select the the [city]geoBuilding datasource of the city for which you want to visualize growth.

Second step: Configure the settings

In the time section, remove the time range filter, so that there is no filter.

Then, you add the longitude and latitude attributes according to Building attributes.

The clustering radius defines the granularity of the clusters. The bigger the number, the fewer clusters you will have.

The row limit is the maximum number of objects or houses that are queried.

Under Filters, you can add more custom filters such as only clustering the growth in a certain quarter or for certain density levels.

After you are done with your selections, press “Run Query” to update the map.