Create your first dashboard –

Create your first dashboard

Create your first dashboard

Dashboards are a collection of charts. Therefore, before creating a dashboard, you need to have charts available that are owned by you. The easiest way to create charts is described on the Getting started page.

First step: Create new dashboard

Select “Dashboard” by clicking on the New button.

Second step: Define the structure of the dashboard

In the next step, an empty dashboard appears in front of you. Choose a dashboard title first. Then, you can start creating the structure of your dashboard. By pulling in components such as tabs, rows and columns you can define different sections of your dashboard.

Third step: pull charts into dashboard

Last but not least, you can go to “your charts and filters”. Pull in the charts into the different sections you had defined before. Please note that you will only see charts that you have created and own (follow the Getting started page to create charts). Finally, save your dashboard. Now, it will be visible in the dashboard section.