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Explore and Analyst Plans

Explore and Professional Plans

Available Cities

You can find the available cities here.

The Explore Plan

The Explore Plan provides you access the available dashboards and underlying data to create your custom charts and dashboards of 3 cities of your choice. Over time, data per city will be updated.

The Professional Plan

The Professional Plan lets you use the terrax.africa data intelligence platform and include your custom data. In addition, 1 day / month a data engineer from terrax.africa will be at your disposal to generate insights and include as well as process your custom data. Your data will then be available on the platform for you. The data engineer can also support and advice you how to use a combination of the terrax.africa geographical data as well as your data to create custom artificial intelligence models for prediction.

The Professional Plan provides access to up to 12 already processed cities of your choice. You can also use the available consulting days for processing of cities upon your choice.

The Professional Plan intends to provide you the analytics expertise with a focus on African cities tailored to your needs. It will help you generate fact based insights before making major decisions.