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Increase revenue by planning your branch and ATM network based on your location success factors

Understand the factors which make your branches, ATMs and offline marketing perform well. Apply these location success factors to find square kilometres with the same characteristics and focus on the areas with most potential.

Gather market with a data led approach to branch & ATM network management

Monitor and understand the market

We map all bank branches and ATMs in a given geography. By calculating metrics such as density of ATMs per 1000 buildings, we can identify new opportunities.

Position your branches strategically

Analysing the location factors (e.g. income level, business landscape, buildings) of your most successful branches, we identify your location success factors. These, we apply to our data and return you a set of square kilometres with most potential.

Increase your ATM network usage and revenue

ATMs should be positioned in locations that maximise revenue and transactions. We identify the location patterns of your most successful ATMs. Applying these to our data, we show you places that have the same characteristics. 

Target the right locations with your offline campaigns

We help you understand which spatial attributes lead to success of offline marketing campaigns. Discover the patterns that eventually mean success.  We support you identifying the perfect target areas for your campaigns based on your past experience.