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Sell more cement by positioning your depots in strategic locations

Based on historic and hectare level building data, we are able to predict future building growth. We help you identify the ideal locations to position your cement depots taking competitor depots and future building projections into consideration.

Get a competitive advantage by understanding the competitor landscape and the main building growth areas of the next 5 years

Know where your competitors are

We map all current cement depots and show you which competitor is located where. This lets you understand the market landscape better.

Understand where future building growth will occur

Based on the historic building growth and the location patterns around, our artificial intelligence model is able to predict hectare level future building growth. This lets you anticipate where major cement demand will occur.

Identify the ideal cement depots locations

With the competitor and building growth data, we guide you to find the ideal number and locations of your cement depots applying state of the art clustering algorithms.