Data sources –

Data sources

Data sources

Current and accurate data sources at its core

We aspire to provide as recent data as possible of African urban centres and combine satellite images, business and rental data for our insight generation. Combining this with our customer data, we are able to provide high-quality, customised location intelligence solutions.

Satellite images

We use current and past satellite images and detect buildings on them applying artificial intelligence. Moreover, we classify the buildings into different types such as bungalows. By having historic data, we are also able to predict future development. 

Business data

We index public business data and merge it with the building data from the satellites. In most African urban centres, business data has been increasing significantly in the past years and covers the major part of the economy. 

Rental data

Rental data can be used as a proxy for household income. We combine rental data with the satellite and business data to accurately classify income levels of different geographies.