Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Grow by understanding hyper-local and current market dynamics

Sales volume mostly depend on location attributes such as the business landscape, income level or building patterns. They change quickly. We are able to identify the patterns that make you have high sales and show you locations with the same patterns as of now. This lets you understand the market potential per square kilometre and monitor your wholesalers. 

Boost your sales by knowing the potential of different territories beforehand and focusing on the right areas at the right time

Know what makes you perform well

Given your current sales records, we identify the location characteristics of different territorial performances. We identify the location success factors that lead to high performance (e.g. business landscape, building density, income level, etc.). 

Target the right square kilometres to boost sales

Knowing the location success factors, we can find all square kilometres in a given territory that have the same characteristics. This lets you focus on hyper-local markets with the most potential.

Monitor wholesaler performance

Often, FMCG companies do not know how well their wholesalers and distributors reach the market potential. We can predict the market potential per square kilometres based on your historic records of areas that perform well. This lets you discover underperforming distributors and take measures.