Getting started –

Getting started

Getting started

Here you find a collection of tutorials that should help you to get started to create your own charts and dashboards on the data intelligence platform.

Charts, dashboards and datasources

The central components on the data intelligence platform are charts and dashboards. A chart represents a graphical representation of data. For example, there can be a chart showing you the growth of the different quarters per city. You can create as many charts as you want based on the data sources that are available in your plan.

After creating charts that provide your insights, you can visualize them on dashboards. A dashboard is a collection of charts and offer you a quick overview into the data you are most interested in.

How to start with charts

The quickest way to start is to use existing charts that are provided on your available dashboards, create a copy of them and adapt them the way you want. In order to do that, click on the three dots on an existing chart and go to explore chart.

When you have clicked on explore chart, the chart will open up with its settings. By clicking on “Save” on the top right besides “Run query”, a popup opens that lets you save the chart after choosing a name for it.

Once you have saved the chart, you can edit the metrics, filters and play around with the settings. The chart will also be available in your chart list and you can choose it to be added to a dashboard.


The following tutorials provide you more detailed insights how charts can be created and then be used in a dashboard:

Create your first dashboardThis tutorial walks you through to create you first own dashboard.
Chart: treemap buildings per quarterShows how to create a treemap chart
Map: City growth areasThis tutorial shows you how to visualize and cluster city growth using the Mapbox chart.