New buildings geo-analysis map​ –

New buildings geo-analysis map​

New buildings geo-analysis map

The new buildings geoanalysis map shows all new buildings between two years of a city and lets you filter on quarter level, building types, colors and different densities. It allows detailed, map based analysis of city growth and development.

New buildings map

Please note that a maximum of 50’000 houses can be displayed at a time. For instance, if more than 50’000 new houses were built within the two baseline years, you will see a maximum of 50’000 points.

On the sample above, all new bungalows in Abuja are selected between 2010 and 2019. It shows 5224 newly identified bungalows. On the map, one can see all newly built bungalows that the model was able to detect.

You can select according to building type, roof color, suburb and a set of densities (how many houses can be found within 100m of a house on average).

The new buildings geo-analysis map can provide a quick overview about growing areas in a city.