Pricing – per ha –

Pricing – per ha

Platform pricing

Data limited to Abuja, Nigeria to check-out terrax
  • Data for Abuja, Nigeria only
  • Abuja building dashboard
  • Abuja city growth dashboard
  • Abuja real estate dashboard
  • Abuja new buildings geo-analysis map
  • Create your own dashboards with Abuja data
  • Create your own charts with Abuja data
Custom analytics work for your use case leveraging data
  • Free 30min call to check if we can offer valuable insights for your challenge
  • Detailed analytics for 1-3 cities up to 1500 km²
  • 1 day custom analytics work included
  • Access to customized, interactive insight dashboards for your case on for 1 year
  • Optional: Written report or presentation with custom insights
AI Partner
One level hectare level data for your required cities and custom analytics
  • Analytics package tailored to your needs, including custom AI models
  • Access to customized, interactive insight dashboards for your cases
  • Out-of-the box dashboards for each city covering each hectare
  • Building dashboards
  • City growth dashboards
  • Places dashboard
  • Real Estate dashboards
  • Middle class prediction dashboards (where available)
  • Weather dashboards
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Building dashboards
  • City growth dashboards
  • Real estate dashboards
  • New buildings geo-analysis maps
  • Create your own dashboards
  • Create your own charts
  • Dedicated Priority Support
  • SQL Lab access

Extra offers

Consulting and custom AI models

We offer custom consulting packages in addition to our plans helping you to gain insights combining our and your data sets. Furthermore, we can support in developing custom AI based prediction models to assist you in your decision making.

Custom city data generation on demand

We can process the cities of your choice and make the data available on the data intelligence platform.