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Real estate

Real estate attributes

The following table provides an overview of the attributes that are available in the real estate data.

Attribute nameType / ValuesDescription
idINTUnique id of the real estate entry
publishedDATEPublished date of the real estate entry
roomsINTNumber of rooms mentioned in the ad
currencyVARCHAR(3)Local currency used in the ad (e.g. NGN, XAF, KSH, etc.)
priceDOUBLEPrice stated in the ad in the local currency
usdPriceDOUBLEConverted USD price of the ad according to the exchange rate of the published day
(“Apartment”, “House”, “Office”, “Land”)
The realEstateType shows if the object is an apartment, house, office or land
(“Rent”, “Sale”)
The offer type distinguishes between properties for sale and rent
locationStringThe location of the property as stated in the ad.
longPOINTThe longitude of the property based on the location.
latPOINTThe latitude of the property based on the location
admin_level_2StringThe administration level 2 of the object in the ad (e.g. constituency, department) if available
admin_level_3Stringthe administration level 3 of the real estate (e.g. ward, LGA, communes) if available