Treemap buildings per quarter –

Treemap buildings per quarter

Buildings per quarter treemap

The treemap chart lets you visualize the relative size of junks of data. For instance, it can provide you a nice quick overview about relative quarter sizes within a city. This tutorial walks you through creating a treemap that shows you the different quarter sizes of Abuja.

First: select the treemap as the chart type when creating a new chart

Select “Chart” by clicking on the New button. In the next step, select the datasource you want to use for your visualization. In our case, this is abujaBuildings. When clicking on visualization type, a collection of available chart types is shown. Type in treemap to filter the treemap chart type. Then, continue by clicking on “Create new chart”.

Treemap setting

You can add filters to the basic data and decide which metric should be visualized.

The metric entry defines which metric should be visualized. As we want to know how many houses could be found, the appropriate metric is to count the house_ids.

The time column lets you filter the data according to dates. However, in this sample the time filter was added in the Filters section. There, you see that only houses from “2019-02-19” should be taken and that the house type should not be “land”. It will therefore take into consideration all buildings that were detected as houses and not land on the satellite image of February 2019. The inputTown filter makes sure that only houses from “Abuja” area are counted.

The Group by entry lets you decide according to which dimension you want to group your filtered metrics. In our case, we would like to group by quarters. The quarter column is therefore appropriate.